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Mo Flames is a talented and passionate writer well-versed in creating dialogue, action and developing characters with full lives. Her energy shines through her work as she weaves realistic love stories with drama and intensity to keep her readers entertained. Her dedication to her craft while balancing family life is a testament to what can be accomplished when you love what you do.
She is constantly pushing her characters to higher levels even when you think she can’t possibly go any deeper. Her erotic scenes will have you squirming in your seat as her imagination is limitless. Follow Mo Flames on all social media so that you don’t miss any hot upcoming releases.

Mo Flames writes steamy romance novels and isn’t afraid to write about what some might see as taboo. Her motto is “I say what they think and feel. That’s why they love me.” No further introduction needed!

1.) Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a 44-year-old native of Columbia, SC. I’m married to my wonderful husband Greg and with our 16-year-old daughter, DeeDee, we reside in the greater Atlanta area. By day, I’m a project manager for a pharmaceutical company. However, my passion and vocation – I’m an authoress of contemporary romance erotic fiction. I love to pen spicy stories. Purple is my favorite color and the Baltimore Ravens are my favorite football team. I have an unhealthy obsession with binging on The Office, Snapped, and Criminal Minds. I also enjoy playing The Sims in my spare time.

2.) Tell us what your book, One Ain’t Enough, is all about.
I share the story of Desiree Edwards, a woman torn between not one, or two, but three men – each having a grip on her heart. Jamal is the man she ended up marrying, after Troy Harris, dumped her, leaving her heartbroken years prior. Desiree finds herself in a forbidden love affair with Troy’s best friend, Derrik Carter. After sharing a long and passionate kiss with Derrik, thoughts of her marriage and friendships conveniently escape her mind. Yet, when their paths cross unexpectedly, she and Troy rekindle their love. Oh, but there’s more, while Desiree is sneaking around with Derrik and Troy, her husband, Jamal has a love triangle of his own that doesn’t include her. Hence, the title, one ain’t enough.

3.) What was the inspiration for your novel?
Everything I’ve watched, the people I’ve encountered, and stories I’ve heard. I wanted to write a book that would be a page-turner. In reading novels with unforgettable characters, complex storylines, plot twists, and of course unpredictable cliffhangers, I wanted to do the same.

4.) What is the most challenging obstacle you faced writing your novel?
Worrying too much that my work isn’t good enough. I’m a perfectionist; so I spent a lot of time editing my own work.

5.) Who is your favorite character?

All of them, of course. But if I had to choose one, it would be Mia Harris. I love her growth and she’s the messiest of them all. So much is yet to come from her as she evolves in this series.

6.) What was one thing you learned about yourself while writing this book?
That I love telling lies.

7.) One Ain’t Enough is part of a duology. Please tell us a little about the second book in this series.

It’s actually part of a trilogy that will lead into a few spinoffs. I couldn’t possibly tell Desiree’s story, along with all of her friends in two, let alone three books. However, in One Still Ain’t Enough we continue the drama and scandal with Desiree discovering that she is pregnant. Unsure which of the friends is the father, she’s desperate to put some space between herself and her problems, so she skips town. But, while on the plane, she runs into another old flame. Undoubtedly, the fiery passion between them is not dead and he isn’t about to let her walk out of his life again. Desiree’s indiscretions are catching up with her and the lies are beginning to unravel, but she’s not the only one with skeletons hiding in their closet…

On the other side of town, Desiree’s husband, Jamal, is working hard to keep it under wraps that he’s directly involved with the murder of their friend (yea, someone dies in the first book). He ensnares himself in another love triangle and is determined to keep his dangerous, yet sultry, double life a secret.

8.) Describe your book in one line.
From the first page to the last, you’ll get sex, scandal, drama, murder, mayhem, and an unforgettable cast.

9.) Tell us how you chose the pen name Mo Flames.
Mo is shortened from my middle name, Monique. I came up with Flames because of the desire to pen spicy contemporary romance. I will be known as an author who leaves that fire between the sheets…literally.

10.) Why did you choose to self-publish your book?
Unfortunately, I had an unsavory experience with a vanity publisher. I found out I was under a shady contract with stipulations, clauses, and restrictions, none of which were in my best interest. Thankfully, that contract was voided. We parted ways due to creative differences. I decided it would be better to have control over what happens with my books throughout the publishing process, rather than leaving it in the hands of someone else.

11.) Where can readers buy your book?
My books are available for purchase via my website

12.) Where can our readers find you on social media?


You can follow me here:

13.) Please share your website with our readers.

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Audra Russell

Audra Russell

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