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“Knowing that I have opened a door for others to come into horror, specifically Black-centered horror kinda blows my mind.”

As Black authors, our books don’t get the same placement in bookstores that nonmelanated authors do. Add Indie in front of the word Black, and it’s even more difficult. 

Today we’re speaking with Alledria Hurt, who is not only an accomplished horror author, but she’s decided to create a space for Black horror and speculative fiction authors to sell their books. It’s called Sista Ghoul Booktique. 

Let’s get right to it. 

1.) Tell us your name and a little bit about who you are.

I’m Alledria Hurt, the hybrid author of a number of books. I can be found at I am also the manager of a ghost tour in Savannah, GA, sometimes referred to as Spooky Town, USA (at least by me).

2.) Tell us about your booktique, Sista Ghoul, and your vision for its

Sista Ghoul is my brainchild for not just selling my books, but also allowing friends of mine to be included in a bookstore since they often get short shrift because they are indie published. Right now, it is one bookcase in the back of a close friend’s metaphysical shop; however, I’m looking toward the future when it will become its own entity with its own address. Here’s to seeing it grow.

3.) What genres of books does Sista Ghoul carry?

Predominantly horror, though it will become over time a full speculative fiction bookstore
carrying everything from Romance to Horror to Nonfiction.

4.) Representation matters. Tell us what that means to you.
Representation matters is a phrase that I find hard to quantify. For one, I remember growing up and having no one like me on the cover, or anyone with a name like mine truly represented as an author. Knowing that I have opened a door for others to come into horror, specifically
Black-centered horror kinda blows my mind.

5.) People think that Black people don’t write horror. How would you respond to that?

I am Black. I write horror. You are wrong.

6.) Tell us about the Black Joy Bookclub.

This was a way to help the bookstore get some of the word out. Plus, it pretty much is an excuse for me to read an extra book or two a month. It centers around Black authors, largely in the horror genre, though we did start out with a Fantasy novel written by myself.

7.) How can authors get their books into Sista Ghoul booktique?

Right now, I’m working with authors that I know from my own publishing journey, but I’m open to anyone BIPOC who writes horror. All they have to do is go to the website and fill out the form. I will, of course, take a look at your publication and see if I can get paper copies.

8.) Where is Sista Ghoul located?

Sista Ghoul is located in Savannah, GA, which I thought was sorely lacking by not having a Black-owned bookstore, so I decided to start one.

9.) Where can we find you/your bookstore on the Internet and social media? 
Also on FB (@sistaghoulbooktique) and
Instagram (@sistaghoul). I’m available at @alledriaehurt (FB & Insta) or ourladyofashes (Twitter). Author website, once again, is



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