Author Spotlight: Mariah Kingsley

Mariah Kingsley is a legally blind author who writes real-life love stories with steamy love scenes. She loves to read and romance, of course, is her favorite genre. 

Photo of Author Mariah Kingsley Holding her book "I Call Him Daddy Too"

“I was strong, [and] no matter what life threw at me, I made it through the other side.”

Mariah Kingsley has vivid dreams about the novels she writes. She sees the characters and settings and, sometimes, the endings. She recalls these details when she wakes, and fills the rest in as she goes. 

We love it. Let’s get right into her spotlight. 

1.) Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I was a stay-at-home mom for ten years when I started writing. I am a legally blind writer, and I love to write about love in the trials of love.


2.)Tell us what the Once Broken is all about.

Once Broken was written after seeing my first love after many years. I decided to write our story, and although it was not my typical book it was very emotional to write. I tackled my mother’s mental illness and also got some closure from this book.

3.) What was the inspiration for this book?

I was looking for a handyman and I asked a friend who she used and told her to give him my number. The handyman only wanted to text and he agreed to come by and look at my issue. When I opened the door it was my first love. He recognized my name and thought I wouldn’t see him if I heard his voice… He would have been right. That night I started writing our story. After a few days of working, we talked and became friends. He told me losing me was the hardest thing he ever experienced and wish the life that I led now included him. So I basically wrote a story about what would have happened if I saw him and things were different.

4.) What was the hardest thing about writing this book?

Writing about my mother and the trials of having a mother with mental illness.

5.) What was one thing you learned about yourself while writing this book?

That I was strong, and that no matter what life threw at me, I made it through the other side.


6.) What is your favorite part of Once Broken?

When he fixed her plate to eat. It was so simple, but it had been so long since someone had done something just for her, it was beautiful.


7.) Describe your novel in one line.

Heartbreakingly honest love.


8.) This book is part of a duology. Tell us a little about the second book in the series.

The second book takes place 17 years later at an author event. Jade is all grown up and a boss and she sees this man and is trying to reconcile her feeling of the past and present.

9.) Why did you choose to self-publish your novel?

I wanted freedom, and I didn’t want to share my money. Simple as that.

10.) Where can readers buy your books?

Amazon. They are all on Kindle Unlimited.

11.) Where can our readers find you on social media?

12.) Do you have a website?

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