Filoh Teny has a passion for writing about the issues that face Black youth today and is dedicated to dispelling the myth that being young protects you from real-life difficulties.

Tell us about yourself:

Well, first I’d like to say that Filoh is not my real name. There are a lot of expectations about who I should be attached to my real name and frankly too many limiting beliefs to ever write a book. For those of you that know my government, I am in no way hiding who I am, Filoh is an extension and a glimpse into a different part of me.

What inspired you to write this book?

Little Pink Book was inspired by a lot of my own experiences and things that I’ve witnessed in the black community.I wanted to create a very relatable story and show a lot of struggles that teenagers face. Negative self-image, anxiety, sexual assault, and peer pressure can all be experienced at any age. Let’s get rid of the idea that being young protects you from having real-life difficulties.  

Tell us what Little Pink Book is about.

Young Shanice and her best friends live a pretty normal life, going to school, partying, and hanging out with their boyfriends. One night a young man comes into Shanice’s life; he seems mysterious and possibly dangerous, but Shanice indulges him. After all, she’s never been noticed by someone like him before. As time goes on, she begins to think he’s everything she ever hoped for. But who is this young man, and why does he appear so interested in Shanice? In this novel by Filoh Teny, everything isn’t what it seems. Will one night of indulgence cause a lifetime of pain? Will secrets kept, unravel friendships and ruin future happiness? Most importantly, how does one journal change the course of their lives FOREVER? Trigger warning: Sexual Assualt

What was the hardest part about writing this book? 

The hardest part about writing this book was dealing with writer’s anxiety. I was constantly questioning my abilities and needed everything to be perfect the first time. I had to learn that it was okay to have more than one draft.

What was one thing you learned about yourself while writing this book? 

I learned that at nineteen I can have multiple purposes and I shouldn’t try to limit myself to one path. 

What was your favorite part of Little Pink Book? 

My favorite part of the book is the readers note at the end. It brings a sense of realness to this fictional story.

 Why did you choose to self-publish your novel? 

I chose to self publish because this project is very personal to me, and I wanted to be in control for every step of the process.

Do you have a website?

I don’t have a website as of yet, but readers can follow me on Instagram @Filohteny.

When will your book be available for purchase?

Little Pink Book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon [click image below] and will be available to purchase on October 30, 2021. 



Audra Russell

Audra Russell

Audra Russell is a blogger, freelance writer, and published author. She holds two undergraduate degrees in journalism as well as a Master of Science degree in Education. She also completed the Wesleyan University online Creative Writing Specialization course series.

She is an avid reader and writer’s advocate. Her passion for promoting the works of up-and-coming authors inspired her to create her podcast, Between the Reads, as well as her website, Read It Black to Me. Her debut novel, BLOOD LAND, was published on August 29, 2020, as her fiftieth birthday gift to herself. She lives in Maryland with her husband of more than 20 years, her 3 amazing children, a 12-year-old perpetual puppy, two dueling cats, and her lone surviving chicken of 8 years who she affectionately renamed Gloria (she will survive!)