Author Spotlight: Dr. Damon William

I call myself the “Chief Wellness Warrior,” merging my professional identities as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master Certified Wellness Coach, educator, and consultant. My mission is to empower clients & organizations to be successful warriors- to win the daily battles against stress, pain, debility and disease.

Dr. Damon William, Author Spotlight

“It’s time you discover the Ways of the Warrior and cultivate the mindset, motives, and means for you to find true relief from your pain and suffering.”

We live in a world where the healthcare system chooses to “manage” chronic pain with drugs that do more harm than they do good. Today’s interview is with Chief Wellness Warrior, Dr. Damon William, who wrote a book to help you overcome chronic pain and live your best life.

Let’s get right to it. 

1.) Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a healer and a warrior at heart- you can call me the “Chief Wellness Warrior.” I’ve enjoyed a wonderful time in service to humanity over the past 12 years, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master Health Coach, researcher, educator, tai chi instructor, CPR instructor, and consultant. 

2.) Tell us what your book, Wellness Warrior: Guide to Conquering Chronic Pain, is all about. Pain is unavoidable… but we live (and some of us work) in an “illness” (not wellness) system that is failing those suffering on a daily basis. I wrote this book as an intro to a tried-and-true holistic, evidence-based, person-centered practice of conquering persistent pain. I use these tools, experiences and skills everyday, teaching them to my patients, and it’s past time we share with everyone. I want to see you all take your life back, and grow from being a slave to pain.
3.) What was the inspiration for this book? My inspiration for this book is my patients, watching them overcome pain and take their lives back. I often spend several hours a week exploring these valuable lessons, tools and skills in the clinic, and watching my personal patients return to life (on their terms). But what about those I can’t reach? Those who don’t have the time or resources to see me? People who need this? It’s them. They are my inspiration.
4.) What was the hardest thing about writing Wellness Warrior? The hardest part was that there is so much I had to leave out! My career (in all of my different roles) has been focused on relieving pain, stress and debility- so that we can live our healthiest and happiest selves. But all of that is too much- and the mission was to get people started on the journey with the right mindset, motives and means to start conquering their pain.
5.) What was one thing you learned about yourself while writing this book? I learned that I underestimated the power of a good worksheet, lol! Writing this book forced me to put some of my favorite ideas/tools (that I created for my personal patients) ON PAPER so that it can be shared beyond my own treatment experience. And it has been one of the best things for me, as a healer and educator to see in action.
6.) Describe your book in one line. It’s time you discover the Ways of the Warrior and cultivate the mindset, motives, and means for you to find true relief from your pain and suffering.
7.) Tell us about your Modern Manhood Masterclass. Oh! Modern Manhood is a project I co-founded with Donelle Cole, an amazing thought leader and scholar in OKC. We felt the need to fill in some gaps in what true, earnest “manhood” looks like in a world that insists the value of a man is in his paycheck and agreeability to silent suffering in the name of “provide and protect” (seriously, the martyrdom is rampant). We are building a culture, a safe space and a brotherhood where we share resources, thoughtful and elevating dialogue, interviews, and more (in a private Facebook group open to men). We also offer, publicly, a life-changing coaching experience called “The Masterclass.” The Masterclass is a 2hr experience (held live-in-person, or virtual platforms) where we explore our values, our vision of our ideal selves, use practical tools for communication, emotional health & wellness, and explore skills for dealing with stress and anxiety. We all walk away from it every single time better men- for ourselves, our families, and our communities. More info can be found at the website Modern Manhood ( 
8.) Share with us about the vision behind your Corporate/Community consulting services. Corporate/Community consulting means, to me, bringing health & wellness to the forefront! This may look like providing group coaching or training experiences/seminars in healthy behavior and connections. It means assessing and improving systems created to support our community workers and service members (ergonomics, fall and injury prevention, etc.). Also included is building and supporting health-related curricula like exercise programs, health literacy events, public speaking and CPR classes for the masses.
8.) Why did you choose to self-publish your book? Honestly, I had to rest on the quote “Perfection is the enemy to progress” (Winston Churchill) when deciding to self-publish! I knew that if I took anymore time to find the “perfect” place to share it, I would be missing out on opportunities to help people. So, for the time being, it is self-published on my website. And as an E-Book, it can be enjoyed and explored (interactive links, audio, videos, worksheets included) from anywhere.

9.) Where can readers buy your book? My book can be purchased (and subsequently downloaded) on my website Conquer Pain E-Book (

10.) Where can our readers find you on social media? I am on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. The links to each can be found at my website ( right under my pic 🙂 

11.) Please share your website with our readers. is where I can be best reached, and share info about all that I am working on.

Wellness Warrior E-Book by Dr. Damon William



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