Welcome to Read It Black to Me! This is a space created to talk about all things Black as they relate to writing, books, and the publishing industry — both traditional and independent.
Why does a page like this need to exist? Well, that question doesn’t have to be justified with an answer, but I’ll give you one anyway.

The traditional publishing industry is still 97% white. Even with the push for “own voices,” many stories written by Black authors never make it beyond the gatekeepers. Let me rephrase that — only certain types of stories by Black authors consistently make it beyond the gatekeepers — stories that for the most part push racial trauma, struggle, and dysfunction.

While those things do exist with Black people, they are not exclusive to us. Every race has trauma, struggle, and dysfunction.

This is why Read It Black to Me exists, to showcase Black stories in ALL genres because Black people are not a monolith. We write speculative fiction, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, young adult, horror (yes, HORROR), and more.

This website is in its infancy. As the idea grows and evolves, so will the pages here. For now, there will be a blog where I keep you up to date on news in the publishing industry, new and new-to-you authors you should read, and even other websites that shine the light on awesome Black authors.

You may be wishing right about now that there was a website where you could go that lists Black books and nothing but Black books. You’re in luck!

My esteemed colleague, Chelsea Lockhart, has done just that. What is it? Well, it’s the Melanin Library. 

It’s amazing and more books are added regularly! Feel free to head on over there. Also, if you know of a book by a Black author and you don’t see it in the library, feel free to submit a request from their site to have it added to the shelves.

So, welcome to Read it Black to Me. Read the blog posts. Feel free to comment on them as well. It’s okay to agree — or disagree — with me, just be respectful and stick to the facts. No further explanation needed there. Oh, and if you read something interesting you’d like me to write about, send me an email! If you’re a writer and want to write a guest post, I’m down for that, too!

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